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FAQ - Treatments

Which injuries & ailments can the clinic treat?
Have a look at our What We Treat section and it will show you some of the common areas we treat. These are just a few of the conditions we treat and with 18 experienced clinicians covering 14 different services you are only a phone call away from starting your recovery.

Can I speak to someone who can advise me?
Yes, if you are unsure of who to see or if treatment is appropriate, we can get a clinician to call you back and offer you advice as to the best way forward.

How long does each treatment last?
This depends of which service you are using but generally the 1st treatment is a 45 minute assessment with follows ons lasting 30 minutes. Please check the related services page for more specific details.

How many treatments will I need?
In some cases people only require one or two sessions however in other cases more treatment is required.  It is very difficult to predict how many treatments you will need as this varies according to the nature of your injury.  At the Abbey Clinic the average number of sessions is 5.5 when the national average is 10.  At the time of your assessment we are happy to discuss how many treatments we think may be required or what we can achieve within your budget.

Are the Physiotherapists HPC registered?
Yes all our Physiotherapists are registered and have many years of experience. (Average clinical experience across our 18 clinicians is 14 years each!)

Do any of the Physiotherapists specialise in a specific area?
All the clinicians have experience in treating a variety of musculo-skeletal injuries, however some do have areas of special interest and have greater experience in specific sports. Within the Meet The Team page you can highlight specific clinicians and look at their specialty areas.

Do you treat children and babies?
Yes we treat children of all ages and for all manner of things, from acupuncture to podiatry and cranio-sacral therapy for babies.

Should I have Physiotherapy or Osteopathy?
This very much depends on your injury and history, phone to speak to our highly trained admin staff and if needed we will get a clinician to call you back in order to advise you.

Should I see a Physiotherapist or Podiatrist?
This depends on your specific injury and history, phone to speak to our highly trained admin staff and if needed we will get a clinician to call you back in order to advise you.

Do you have a hydro pool?
No we don't I'm afraid, however we can offer advice within a treatment to related exercises to carry out in water.

Does my injury have to be related to a sport to attend the clinic.
No, we treat many non sporting people, see our testimonials page to see the diverse range of customers we see.


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