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Matt Reavey - Client for 8 years

"I made an appointment at The Abbey Clinic after my training for The Edinburgh Marathon had been stopped in its tracks by suspected Achilles Tendonitis. When I had my first session with Rachel Sammes I was experiencing discomfort after 1 mile and was unable to run more than 5 miles due to the pain. Rachel immediately spotted an alignment issue with my feet and fitted me with customised heel inserts. She also gave me a number of exercises designed to strengthen my heel alongside continued training. I was shocked, and a little sceptical at first. If I'm honest I'd made the appointment almost to get confirmation of what I suspected - that my marathon hopes were over.

The results were immediately noticeable. I was able to up my mileage within a couple of weeks, whilst my pain levels started to reduce. In all, I only attended 3 sessions at the clinic over a 3 week period. I later completed 2 final training runs of 16 and 20 miles respectively, with zero pain, and successfully completed the marathon within 2 months of that first appointment, with zero discomfort (at least in my achilles!).

I'm still amazed at the turnaround, and am hugely grateful to the team for working absolute magic on my Achilles"


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— Tim Wright

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