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Women and Men's Health

Dealing with gynaecological and continence issues

What is Women's and Men's Health?

The treatment of weak pelvic floor muscles which can lead to bladder or bowel incontinence and prolapse symptoms.
Chronic pelvic pain due to the pelvic floor muscles being overly tight.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Total privacy and confidentiality, an hour discussing your symptoms and deciding which treatment is appropriate for example pelvic floor muscle exercises/bladder training and lifestyle changes.
Retraining the pelvic floor is just the same as any other muscle rehab programme.

What can you help treat?

Urinary leakage on coughing,sneezing or exercise or not getting to the toilet in time.
Bowel or defecatory problems.
Chronic pelvic pain due to weak or overly tight pelvic floor muscles.
Weak abdominal muscles which have 'gapped' and not returned to normal after childbirth.
Acupuncture to treat hormonal changes e.g. nausea in pregnancy and menopausal 'hot flushes' also bladder urgency and interstitial cystitis.


Womens Health Fees
Treatment Appointment Length Price
Womens Health Initial Assessment 60 mins £81.00
Womens Health follow on Appointment 30 mins £54.00

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